"Everyone I’ve ever cared about has either died, or left me. Everyone fucking except for you! So don’t tell me that I’d be safer with someone else because the truth is, I would just be more scared." 

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Remember all their faces
Remember all their voices
Everything is different
The second time around

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control. synthesis. destroy.

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Stage rendition of the ‘Musical Ending’
The Last of Us: One Night Live

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May the Father of Understanding guide you

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Assassins: Welcome to the Assassin Brotherhood, Arno. This is our hidden blade. We use it to kill Templars. Our enemy FYI.
Arno: ok
Assassins: Remember, the Templars are the enemy.
Arno: ok ok i got it
Arno: so anyway who’s that redhead over there
Assassins: She is a Templar
Arno: shes hot
Assassins: arno please no 

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It’s Monday again. Do you need a pick-me-up? Have some hilarious quotes from The Lego Movie. You’re welcome and everything is awesome.

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